Coalition of Deaf Mental Health Professionals


The Coalition of Deaf Mental Health Professionals (CDMHP) was established in 2011, based in Auckland, to look at the national issues of Deaf Mental Health in New Zealand. The Board meets once a month.

Vision and Goals

The Coalition, as a registered charity, is committed to advocating for the mental health wellbeing of the signing Deaf community. In many parts of NZ, and in clinical services, there is currently a lack of culturally affirmative mental health care delivered in NZSL. The Coalition has been working to address inequalities in service provision by working in collaboration with others to improve access for Deaf people. The Coalition provides advice aimed at the development of nationally coordinated, culturally driven, Deaf mental health services and raises awareness of Deaf mental health issues.

The coalition takes a strategic perspective on how national cultural mental health services for Deaf people should be a priority for healthcare funders, and what those services may look like. We do not discuss individual cases, rather we take a big picture view of how services can be improved.

Welcome to the Coalition of Deaf Mental Health Professionals (CDMHP).